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Food Safety Modernization ActSanitary Food Transportation Act Proposed Rule

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dWhat You Need To Know   The Food Marketing Institute has put together the Food Safety Modernization Act: What Retailers Need to Know.   Several provisions in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) impact the retail and wholesale industries. Find out the programs you need to implement and how to comply from front-line experts at the 2014 FMI Foundation Retail Food Safety Forum. Topics will include food safety plans in warehouses and distribution centers, record-keeping and training. An interactive panel discussion will follow the session.   For an overview of  the 2014 FMI Foundation Retail Food Safety Forum, please visit www.fmiretailfoodsafety.com .  In addition ERIK LIEBERMAN, FMI's Vice President and Chief Regulatory Counsel has provided important information from the Sanitary Food Transportation Act webinar. The slides are below and posted at the WGA's website under the  Member Information page .  Presentation slides can be found here and the webinar recording here

Member Benefits and Information

What WGA has to offer, you can't get anywhere else.

Certified Green Grocer Learn more about the WGA Green Grocer Certification Program and the WGA Green Grocer Rebuild Grant Program.

Endorsed VendorsWGA endorses the services of qualified companies. Discounts are available to members from these companies.
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FoodShareMore information coming soon.

Human Resource Share GroupThe Human Resource Share Group offers you grocery-industry specific publications.

Grocers Buy Local WGA is proud to be a part in helping grocers buy local produce. We worked with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection to develop grocersbuylocal.com.

Member Products We make it easier to comply with regulations by providing the services you need. Order products that make your job easier.

Member Services Representative

Product Recalls and Coupon FraudCount on WGA to keep you up-to-date on product recalls and coupon fraud. Request your weekly e-newsletter for the full story.

Industry FormsGet handy access to industry forms on subjects like sales and use taxable items.

Coupons ProgramA coupon redemption program through American Coupon Services is available to all retailer members of the Wisconsin Grocers Association.


We Welcome SNAP” Materials

Are you looking for “We Welcome SNAP” signage for your store? SNAP-authorized retailers can order “We Welcome SNAP” posters and decals in English and Spanish by sending a request to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service at: BRSB.printshop@fns.usda.gov.

Please include the name, address, and phone number of the addressee to whom the materials should be sent. If our National Office has any questions concerning the request, they will contact you. You may also call the Food and Nutrition Service retailer hotline to order the materials: 1-877-823-4369.

The new SNAP logo and materials include a simple but important message: Putting Healthy Food within Reach. USDA encourages SNAP-authorized retailers to utilize signage and other promotional strategies to help SNAP customers achieve a healthy diet on a limited budget.


Coupon Fraud Warning Sign Checklist

  1. The UPC bar code is missing or altered.a

    The coupon should have at least one UPC barcode that is clearly printed, legible and easy to scan. Check to see that the barcode is not blurry. Look closely to see whether it may have been altered in any way.

  2. It looks as if it has been photocopied or scanned. The print, type, photos, graphics or other details may be distorted, the ink may be smeared, the lines crooked or the font design may appear less than professional. Check the smallest type, the expiration date, the barcode or other details for smudges, blurry type, marks and irregularities.

  3. It features amateur design. If the artwork, typefaces, colors or logos overlap or are mismatched and appear unprofessionally designed, it may be a fake coupon.

  4. The offer amounts don't match. If the value in one area of the coupon is different than the offer on another part of the coupon, it's fraudulent.

  5. a

    It's for a free or too-good-to-be-true discount. Manufacturers typically limit coupons to no more than 50% of the product value. If it's 75% or more, it's likely counterfeited.

  6. It is displayed in a pdf format. Many fake coupons have been altered and then saved in pdf formats. This format can be easy to manipulate and is probably not legitimate. Also, a legitimate site doesn't usually show the entire coupon online.

  7. It is sold via on-line auction or other outlets. It is illegal to sell coupons and this violates the terms of non-transferable coupons, as well as intellectual property rights.

  8. The expiration date is altered or covers an extended period of time. Check to see whether the date appears to have been altered or covers an unusually long period of time. Most online coupons have limited-time offers that are typically less than three months.

  9. Missing legal language. Legitimate online coupon providers typically include legal messages that deter counterfeiting and redemption fraud. Look for messages such as "this coupon may not be altered, transferred, copied, purchased or sold," or similar language.

  10. Someone else's personal identification. Some coupons are identified with an individual's name, address, customer identification number or other unique information. If so, the coupon was likely intended for use by another person. In such cases, grocers may require identification at checkout and unsuspecting users could be implicated in coupon fraud.

art2014 WGA Vacation Planner



Copy Machine Issues: Security
View this movie about copy machines and their security issues. (Click to download a short movie.)



The Shelby Report of the Midwest

Click here to see a feature on Hispanic Products from the July 2010 Shelby Report.