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Brandon Scholz
President and CEO

Michelle Kussow
Vice President Government Affairs
and Communications

Cheryl Lytle
Events Director

Sarah Decorah
Operations Director

John Leemkuil
Membership Services

PHONE (608) 244-7150
OR (888) 342-5942
FAX (608) 244-9030

The Wisconsin Grocers Association, is historically committed to promoting and strengthening the food industry from suppliers and wholesalers to retailers with the same dedication and work ethic exemplified by our members.

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Brandon Scholz, WGA President and CEO, welcomes Scott Walker to the WGA Innovation Expo.





Who We Are: WGA Staff

ScholzBrandon Scholz, President & CEO

As President & CEO, Brandon Scholz oversees the WGA's programs and operations and serves as the association’s main spokesperson on industry issues, legislative concerns and administrative policies.

kussowMichelle Kussow, VP-Government Affairs & Communication

Michelle Kussow is responsible for developing and maintaining the Grocers Grassroots Initiative legislative program for the WGA. As chief lobbyist for the WGA, Michelle researches positions and tracks legislation on federal and state issues, lobbies on behalf of WGA members in the legislature, and provides necessary information to WGA members so they can understand and play an active role in the political process.

LYTLECheryl Lytle, Events Director

Cheryl Lytle is in charge of the WGA’s Innovation Expo, including sponsorships, promotions, programming and management of the events. Cheryl manages the annual WGA Golf Outing as well as the silent auctions and other fundraising events. In addition, Cheryl serves as the WGA’s point of contact for Wisconsin Grocer magazine ad sales and assists in the production and publication of the Wisconsin Grocer magazine.

DecorahSarah Decorah, Operations Director

Sarah Decorah serves as the assistant to the WGA president on all administrative duties and is the immediate point of contact for members. Her responsibilities include: assisting with all record and bookkeeping functions, handling member requests for information, and maintaining accounts receivable/payable records. Sarah coordinates the WGA HR Share Group, the Education and Scholarship Foundation and maintains membership files and the coordination of the annual membership dues program.

John Leemkuil, Membership Services Representative

John Leemkuil joins the WGA as the association’s Membership Services Representative. Many WGA members know and remember John due to his long-time career in the grocery industry. John “retired” in 2007 after selling Capitol Centre Foods to Mitch Eveland. Starting in 1962, John worked for A&P in high school and then for Sentry in Madison for three years, another year and a half at the Sentry in Columbus and then worked for Kroger (in Madison, Detroit and Fort Wayne). 

Reach John at (608) 516-9421 or email him, or you can plan to see him in your store in the months to come.