Mission Statement

WGA Board of Directors

The Wisconsin Grocers Association is historically committed to promoting and strengthening the food industry from suppliers and wholesalers to retailers with the same dedication and work ethic exemplified by our members. 

The Association is entrusted to represent the entire industry and to ensure that its members are fortified by a strong, growing and vibrant membership representing every community in Wisconsin. 

The Association is the coalition leader representing the membership in legislative and regulatory efforts by proactively supporting sound public policies while at the same time working to limit the adverse impacts of intrusive and overzealous government regulations. 

The Association continually strives to provide broad communication to educate and enlighten members advocating our issues and objectives while serving as a united voice to those who look to the Association for guidance and direction. 

The Association operates on sound fiscal and management policies dedicating its resources to provide superior legislative services, communications, education, benefits and programs tailored to our members.


The Wisconsin Grocers Association exists to serve its members. 
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