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2017/18 WGA Products Order Form
From our HR Checklist and Best Practices to the WGA Superposter, the WGA has what you need to keep your business running smoothly.  Click here or on the order form to the left, to see what the WGA has to offer!

WGA SuperPoster 
WGA’s exclusive Superposter brings together in one poster the required signage you need to be sure you’re meeting mandatory state and federal employee postings. Our price can’t be beat! Current poster includes all required postings as of November, 2017.  Click here for an order form.

WGA’s Coupon Redemption Program 
American Coupon Services is a leader in the coupon industry, providing retailers a single source to meet all their coupon redemption needs. This is an exclusive service for WGA members with very competitive pricing. 

2016 WGA Retail Wage Survey 
The results from this survey are the most comprehensive information available in the state that is specific to the grocery industry! The state is broken down into four zones and each zone has its corresponding wage survey results. 

WGA Vacation Planner 
Keep everyone’s vacation requests at your fingertips and get organized with our handy 2018 Vacation Planner! Free to WGA members!  Click here to download - print on legal paper.

Child Labor Law Employment & Equipment Guidelines 
Child Labor Law Employment and Equipment Guidelines are laminated, with grommets, and ready to post. This list is based on research done by the Human Resource Share Group in contact with state and federal agencies. Two sheets, front and back, of valuable information include equipment usage guidelines for minors and a complete listing of hours and times of day minors may work (updated July, 2012). 

OSHA Compliance Kit 
This kit was revised in January 2014 to meet the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Standards and includes training on the most important issues in Workplace Safety and OSHA Compliance. The customized CD includes: Updated OSHA Guidelines and Policies; Employee and Management Training; Hazard Communication and Action Plans; Inspection Guidelines; Recordkeeping Forms; Lockout/Tagout Procedures and Bloodborne Pathogens Program. 

Food Safety Kit 
This kit contains a CD (includes manual in PDF format, links and resources), as well as a DVD (introduction for store managers; five video lessons for associates and local produces specialty crops video) all in one package! Lessons include: personal hygiene, hand washing, preventing cross-contamination, cleaning/sanitizing and managing time/temperature.  

To order any of the above items, click here!

Please contact Sarah Decorah for further information on WGA Resources and Products.

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